Kaktin M. Inc.

Rubber Lined Split Clamps

We provide customers with our precision engineered Rubber Lined Split Clamp for vertical and horizontal pipe support. It is suitable for cables wires. Rubber Lined Split Clamp provides firm support as well as easy repair and maintenance. It comes with lock bolts and rubber lining that helps in suppressing sound and vibrations. Rubber Lined Split Clamp can handle high load capacity and is durable.

Features :

  • Precision engineered split clamps for vertical & horizontal pipe support
  • Also suitable to be used on cables
  • Split clamps provide for firm support as well as allow easy repair & maintenance
  • Can be also easily changed as per requirements which is difficult to do with ordinary clamps
  • Featuring strengthened lock bolts that provide for high load capacity
  • Suitable to be used for both horizontal as well as vertical installations
  • Featuring support of rubber lining that helps in suppressing sound and vibrations
  • Lock bolts coming with combi-cross recessed head support
  • M6 side screws with PE captive disk option
  • For added strength it comes with grooved construction support

Technical Features :

  • Size Range : 1/2" to 8" pipe
  • Material : Malleable iron/stainless steel
  • Function : Rigid support to suspend pipe in horizontal & vertical position
  • Finish : Plain
  • Note : Available in electro-galvanized finish. Also available with support of EPDM rubber option


Payment Terms : T/T or Wire Transfer